What we offer

...we'll find people with your DNA

  • we'll find the right people for you
    • from adding the advertisement
    • trough pre-selection of CV's
    • to recommendation of the most suitable candidate
  • according to position and the needs of your company we implement:
    • behavioral interview - method of conducting an interview in which we discover whether the candidate meets all your requirements, i.e. the knowledge, skills and if they fit-in to your team and company's DNA
    • assessment centers – Assessment center selection method is based on the observation of participants in the fulfillment of their individual and group tasks. We will custom-tailor the contents of the tasks based on your requirements. During the fulfillment of tasks we observe soft skills - whether they are consistent with the selected competencies. Additionally we use personal questionnaires, tests, case studies and more...
    • diagnosis and testing of personality criteria - based on your needs, we test the competence, skills and personality type of the candidate. It is an additional analysis, because we know the importance and information gain of a well-conducted interview.

...when it squeaks, we help to

  • get along with each-other
    • provide facilitation and modernization of teams and conflicts
  • understand each other
    • we set communication processes for you
    • we help to clarify responsibilities and competencies of employees
  • how to utilize team cooperation
    • team coaching - we will work with the whole team on finding the best possible solution to the team's goals, tweaking the necessary atmosphere and relationships

...we help to find the right "carrot and stick"

  • we will help you to move your corporate strategy into leadership strategy
    • who is responsible for what
    • whom is who responsible to
    • setting of a clear system of communication (communication channels)
    • career plans
  • setting relationship between goals and rewards
    • determination of measurable goals for your employees
    • relationship between employee's performance and their remuneration
    • help in setting a system of performance control
    • and what and how to do, when they don't deliver

...to make employees grow with you

  • we coach
      coaching is one of the most effective methods of development for your employees, when it's used right
      • on the right person (ie. one who's willing to work on self)
      • in the right moment (when they really need it and know themselves, that something needs to be done)
      • and in the right place (work environment)
      • ...see our coach profiles.
  • we provide counseling in:
    • setting HR processes
    • personnel management
    • development of your employees
  • we mentor
    we provide mentoring not only for HR managers and specialists:
    • based on personal work experience in HR
    • from leading people and solving problems connected with it
    • communication, the role of manager, feedback, critique, etc.
  • we custom-tailor the training:
    • effective leadership
    • coaching in personnel management
    • time management
    • communication skills for the 21st century
    • emotional intelligence in the work-life
    • win win solutions of conflicts
    • NLP: utilization of hidden potential
    • and the like.
  • team-buildings - we build them from A to Z based on your needs
    • recreational
    • problem-solving
    • team building
    • adrenaline
    • and others
  • Development Centers
    • is a method that saves you time and money. Based on Development Center we purposefully evaluate the skills of your employees
    • funds for education are therefore used really efficiently
    • we recommend for key groups of employees like businessmen, key specialists, management

    „We don't develop everyone in everything, but in that which they truly need“

    ...when saying goodbye, then on good terms - "an end is a new beginning"

    • we help in dismissal of employees
      • so that the company, current employees and leaving employees felt that the maximum has been done for them
      • people who stay, should perceive the company as fair and they should know their worth
    • we help with people's emotions and needs
      so that your company's good name would grow even in times of dismissal
      • decision who to dismiss, when and how
      • helping the dismissed in search for new job
        • how to cope with this life-changing situation
        • how to search for job
        • how to write a great resume
        • how to prepare for the interview

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