PhDr. Jana Lazarová

Name and Surname PhDr. Jana Lazarová
Mobile phone +420 777 062 092
Motto We only go as far as we want
Coaching language Czech
Location face to face - everywhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
skype – the whole world
Education FF UK Praha - one-branch psychology, rigorous "viva voce" examination
Forms of coaching individual: face to face, skype
team: face to face
Experience with coaching over 10 years
Underwent training In coaching

The Art and Science of Coaching – ICF certified training in coaching – Coaching Center Prague (Koučink Centrum Praha)
Accredited personal coach - ICF certified training in coaching, Coaching Center Prague
Family Coaching – Marilyn Atkinson, ICF certified training, Coaching Center Prague
Team Coaching – Coaching Center Prague
Inner game of stress – T. Gallway – Coaching Center Prague

In therapy

SUR - training in dynamic psychotherapy
Gestalt therapy
Body therapy – various methods
Erickson's conversational cooperative hypnotherapy
Certifications Accredited coach
Hours of training in coaching Coaching - cca. 255 hrs
Therapy - cca. 1000 hrs
Hours coached cca. 1000
Membership in professional associations ICF
References Named – on request (with the clients permission)
Coached positions Owners and executives of companies, Top management, Middle and Senior management, Specialists, Marketers
Companies banking, manufacturing, trading and IT companies, start ups, etc.
Uniqueness of coach I apply an integrative way of coaching which derives from a specific situation and the client's needs. In this context, I use all the knowledge, methods and techniques of different approaches from the GROW method, findings from NLP - Robert Dilts' Logical Levels, systematic approach, techniques of storytelling, etc.

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